This is my personal reflection around October 2016. I had just moved to a new country and left my full-time job to pursue a new career in something I had no idea what it was but months later slowly started to discover…here is my reflection about my meditation practice…

“Agitation and restlessness can define my first practice. Just thinking about the length and comparing it to the other shorter sitting meditations made me struggle the first time. The second time was much better, but now after a couple of weeks I prefer or became more accustomed to the body scan. I have not been falling asleep during the scan, which I am very proud of. In the sitting practice, the connection with my breath does ground me and connects me with the moment; coming back to breath clears my mind and brings calmness into my body. My mind still wonders, but I’m finding that I catch myself wondering more and coming back to breath.”

P.S. How is your meditation practice going for you?

Just want to remind you that this honest post is true for most people, so if you are struggling with your dedicated sitting practice, just notice and keep pushing. Life and meditation are not easy or supposed to be perfect or feel perfect, we are human and being human means that we feel and think. In self-compassion we welcome anything that arises during meditation or outside meditation with an attitude of kindness and curiosity. Doesn’t mean that we suppress, ignore or avoid what we feel, instead we just sit with it, without the need to react. These four years of dedicated practice have shown me that meditation is a journey within and a journey into connecting with the world in new ways. When these moments of unease present themselves in my life, I become aware, and work on allowing them to arrive and leave by breathing, listening, reflecting, and accepting.