After my conversation with a colleague I felt at ease, it’s great to be able to connect in a truly vulnerable way. We talked about how practice is helping both of us live more mindfully and is also helping ground us and manage stress from our everyday lives. One thing that we both wonder is how to approach mindfulness in a world that doesn’t seem very mindful. We understand it starts from us; perhaps there are more ways to plant the seed of Mindfulness without being intrusive…

Regarding my personal practice I started to notice that I am becoming more and more the observer of the “self” and how my self judged each moment as good or bad. It’s amazing how my mood changes when I judge the moment as bad or not, I was never aware of this. Another thing I am noticing is that my body is asking me for meditation, it doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. I‘m enjoying this internal investigation and connection with my non-self.

I was also glad to read that feeling cold is normal in meditation! I already have my meditation blanket!

So now, I ask you what are you currently learning from your meditation practice? Have you started to notice mental habits or be more aware of physical sensations?

With love,