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Dates: March 16  – May 29




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Mindfulness in times of uncertainty and change

Mindfulness and meditation – A company with social responsability


Our mission is to act as guides in the transformation process of embracing all experiences in life without prejudice and effortlessly, with a sense of calmness and joy.


Make emotional intelligence, meditation, and mindfulness common cultural norms in society.

What do we do at AlmaYEspiritu?

At Almayespiritu we use technology as a way to connect meaningfully, and as a tool to enhance our wellbeing.

We also offer limited in person workshops.

Current areas of expertise:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Mindfulness & Meditación


Know everything we have prepared for you.

Our classes and events are designed so that you can connect with your true essence and reach a state of calm and tranquility.

Intro to meditation

A class in which you will experience various types of meditation.

You will also learn about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

Modality: Online (live)

One-on-one classes

Do you prefer a more private and secure environment? Take individual classes with one of our teachers. A perfect gift for you!

Modality: Online (Live)


An eight-week training to practice mindfulness meditation, designed for Latinx immigrants in the United States.

Modality: Online and face-to-face

Latinx Corner

Read our latest articles. We have many tools and techniques so you can practice in your day to day. 

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