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All our virtual activities are live, the recording is sent to all registered participants.

What we offer

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One-on-one classes

Do you prefer a more private and secure environment? Take individual classes with one of our teachers. A perfect gift for you!

Modality: Online (Live)

Intro to Mindfulness & Meditation

A class in which you will experience various types of meditation. You will also learn about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

Modality: Online (live) and recorded

Length: 5 weeks

Online events

Several webinars and challenges that will allow you to experience meditation and mindfulness from the comfort of your home.

Modality: Online (live) and pre-recorded


An eight-week culturally-attuned mindfulness-based stress management training, designed for Latino immigrants in the United States.

Modality: In Person, online (live) and recorded

Length: 8 weeks

Coming soon!

SIY (Search Inside Yourself)

Search Inside Yourself was born at Google from a dream to change the world. It began in 2007 when a team of leading experts in mindfulness, neuroscience and emotional intelligence developed an internal course for fellow Google employees. It quickly became an incredibly popular training program within Google and externally.

Starting July 2020, you can bring this to your organization! Available globally in Spanish and English. We are already negotiating contracts for 2020!

Modality: In Person 

What our clients say

“The class has helped me to be more aware of my present. To appreciate what we live, and being present is the key… Because finally the present is the only certainty, the rest was and will be an illusion… A pleasure to meet! ”

Student Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

“After the challenge, I felt that my levels of tension and anxiety have decreased. Also, now I have a better quality of sleep.”

Participant in the 21-day Meditation Challenge

“This class has helped me to be calmer and more relaxed. Thanks to Criss, I now try to be present in everything I do and I have the courage to continue meditating.”

Student Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

“Congratulations to all the teachers, they provided us with much relaxation and focus on the true values ​​of life.”

Participant in the 21-day Meditation Challenge

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