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Alma y Espíritu’s one-on-one sessions are designed to help you rebalance your life.

A facilitator will be guiding you every step of the way. Alongside your facilitator, you will cultivate a mindfulness and meditation practice that serves your specific needs.

Benefits can range from gaining more clarity of tendencies and habits, gaining the confidence needed to take on the adversities of life, coping with anxiety and stress, reclaiming your inner power, and envisioning a better future!

The entire curriculum is built around research-based mindfulness tools. All of our teachers are certified and have extensive personal experience.


Being a human being is not easy.  We are continually facing social and personal expectations that often take a toll on our wellbeing. For example, we have to go home, take care of our family, study, deal with financial responsibilities, the political atmosphere, and take care of our health (if we have the time). Sometimes, we have to take care of children, aging parents, or disabled family members. At other times, we have to do all, and more! 

You may probably find yourself in one of these scenarios. And it’s also absolutely understandable that there may be moments when you feel lost and don’t know how to cope. Life, indeed, is hard.  

What can we do?  What tools might make it a little bit less painful?  Or better yet, what tools can make your experience more bearable?  How can we learn to appreciate even the difficult and challenging parts of life?

Scientific research has shown that mindfulness and meditation practice can help us. These are some of the benefits of mindfulness practice:


Decreased stress & anxiety


Emotion Regulation

Decreased reactivity


Faster recovery after negative experiences or emotions

Enhanced self-insight, morality, intuition, and fear modulation


Improved well-being

Increased ability to focus

Greater Empathy and Compassion

References: Davis, D. M., & Hayes, J. A. (2011). What are the benefits of mindfulness? A practice review of psychotherapy-related research. Psychotherapy, 48(2), 198-208.

Zurer, R. (2017, April 19). SIYLI co-founder Marc Lesser on why mindfulness matters in business. SOCAP Global.


Choose your preferred personalized journey:

 Package includes: Six 90minute sessions

Meeting frequency

Once a month for six months

Once a week for six weeks

Twice a week for three weeks

Choose your preferred guide.

Here are the certified facilitators:

Criss Cuervo

– Anxiety and Stress management
– Life and Work Balance
– Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence 
– Mindful and compassionate leadership for StartUps and ERGs
– Mentoring for Mindfulness and Meditation Instructors

Elaine Ramos R.

-Anxiety and stress management
– Work and Life balance
– Mindfulness and meditation for mental health and mental health providers
– Trauma informed mindfulness and meditation
– Grief

Pricing is based on a Sliding Scale

AlmaYEspiritu offers sliding scale fees. This means that we offer a “Pay What You Can Afford” system that supports the cultivation of a dynamic and inclusive community. 

Sliding Scale Options:

  • $999 – Premium (Supports free programming and scholarships for others)
  • $799 – Regular (Supports free programming)
  • $499 – 50% Scholarship
  • $299 – 75% Scholarship

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AlmaYEspiritu offers sliding scale fees. This means that we offer a “Pay What You Can Afford" system that supports the cultivation of a dynamic and inclusive community. Please check your preference below: *


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