Our mission is to deliver mindfulness-based life and work balance tools to people around the globe.


Make emotional intelligence, meditation, and mindfulness common cultural norms in society.

Touching Lives, Awakening Minds, and Opening Hearts…


“With the course I gained more clarity into how to navigate my inner self and as a result, got re-aligned with some of my core values.”


“During the course I was able to identify areas of growth to become a more mindful and stronger leader. It was also really nice to be able to interact with other like-minded women. This course helped me to learn about tools for tackling challenging experiences and how to implement those in my professional and personal life.”

Latinas In Tech

“I set a foundation for a meditation practice. I had previously meditated before and after yoga when instructed to do so, and I now feel more confident in bringing mindfulness and meditation to more parts of my life.”

Elmhurst United

“I opened my eyes to more ways latin culture views impact mental health work and ways to weave culture into mindfulness activities.”

El Futuro, La Mesita

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Warm and personalized approach

Science and research based programming

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Professionals and Businesses around the world. We love to teach diverse groups!

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Our classes and events are designed so that you can connect with your true essence and reach a state of calm and tranquility.

Stress & Anxiety Management

Meditation and Mindfulness techniques that will help you cope with stress/anxiety.

Customized Mindfulness

Designed just for you!

Learn to meditate from the comfort, tranquility and security of your home.

Mindful Leadership

Practical Mindfulness, emotional intelligence and leadership tools to help you achieve work-life balance.

Latinx Corner

Read our latest articles. We have many tools and techniques so you can practice in your day to day. 

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