Hola, I’m Criss!

Im a Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

Consultant for Latine/Latinx and Author of Pertenæcer©.

Im excited to meet you!

Here is a little about me…

I was born in Venezuela to Colombian parents. We migrated to the US when I was 15 years old, and I have spent most of my adult life living around the US, LatAm, and Spain. My husband and I currently reside in New York city, which feels like one of the most diverse and welcoming cities I have visited in the world. Professionally, I spent over a decade in corporate America working in hispanic television sales, production, and operations. In 2016, after much inner work and reflection, I fully transitioned into a career that allowed me to spread culturally-attuned mindfulness around the world – initially running my own business and now solely through consulting. With purpose and passion I aim to create, develop and support spaces where people make meaningful connections and feel like they belong.

In addition to having a Master’s Degree in Mindfulness Studies from Lesley University, I have a certification to provide Mindfulness Mentorship, and a certification to teach Search Inside Yourself, a leadership program developed at Google. I am also a self-published author of “PERTENÆCER: Eight-Week Mindfulness and Meditation Training and Practices for Latinx Immigrants in the United States ©”, and co-author of “Building a more Diverse and Inclusive Science: Mindfulness-based Approaches for Latinx Individuals,” which was published in the Mindfulness Journal. 

In my offline time, I enjoy practicing meditation, reading, traveling, walking in nature, doing yoga, rollerblading, and playing tennis.


These may be eligible for your work’s wellness stipend.


Trainings for Latinx professionals, ERGs, teams, and organizations. Ideal for team building, team wellness or Hispanic Heritage Month Events. 

Delivered online via zoom. 60-min or 90-min sessions.

More info.


Mentoring that is self-care centered, not just looking at your current job function but beyond, taking a more holistic approach to career development.

Delivered online via zoom.

Six 90-min sessions.



This is a program designed for Latinx Immigrants to allow them to manage stress, acculturative stress, difficult emotions, and develop a sense of belonging. 


Bulk options are available, send us an email.

More info about a live program here.


 This is a Mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership training. Developed and tested within Google.

Delivered online via zoom. Six two-hour sessions. DOWNLOAD PROGRAM INFO.

Other Programs:


Being facilitated by Criss Cuervo was such a treat! She masterfully held the balance of providing incredibly informative content while also ensuring participants had the necessary space to make meaning of what was being shared. Criss is warm, knowledgeable, approachable, dependable, and clear-sighted in her facilitation. I hope to be able to learn from her again in the future!

Her sharing of personal experiences, humbleness, proactive listening, compassion when analyzing somebody’s personal situation, and try providing potential remedies.

Criss was a compassionate, kind, and responsive facilitator. She shared with our team meditation and mindfulness techniques that brought us closer and helped us do our work with greater ease. I’d highly recommender her as a facilitator to other teams looking strengthen their relationships and learn how to do their work more effectively!

The calmness and openness with all the participants. Criss made us feel all welcome and nurtured. The examples of personal and professional life are always great to make the experience more vivid. The mix between the 2 teachers was great. Criss availability to stay longer to answer our questions/doubts.

Understanding of BIPOC experiences and yet not making white students feel excluded from the learning experience. Sharing personal stories and vulnerabilities. Did not sound like a guest lecturer like at workshops in companies. Sounded like “one of us.” Listening, empathy, compassion, love.

It opened my eyes to more ways Latin culture views impact mental health work and ways to weave culture into mindfulness activities.

Phenomenal, incredible experience I was super focused as a lighthouse.

I thoroughly enjoyed each class, almost as if it were face-to-face. I congratulate you and, above all, I thank you for your love and dedication.



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