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Mindfulness popularity has brought positive effects, such as, interest and attention from diversified fields like corporate companies, public institutions, private businesses and non-profit organizations. Most of these types of institutions are looking for ways to increase productivity, decrease stress as well as lower healthcare costs. Places like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Aetna, General Mills, the Mayo Clinic, L’oreal, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, and the US Marines* are just a few samples of places that have integrated mindfulness programs into their company cultures in the recent years.



Happier employees

According to the studies the places with more mindful leaders had employees with lower levels of emotional exhaustion. Also, employees reported having better work-life balances, and overall job satisfaction. These outcomes demonstrate the significance of the wellbeing of employees when it comes to institutions that are looking to decrease turn-over and healthcare costs.


Improved decision making

Research indicates that people with increased mindfulness had a lower tendency to have misconceptions or make rational decisions towards the value of an invested activity, in other words, people were able to improve their decision making without being affected by the time invested on the task. For institutions focused productivity, this is important because time management and decisiveness can bring a big impact on an employee’s performance costs for an institution.

Better focus on tasks

Scientists have discovered that mindfulness increases cognitive skills and attention, making employees better at juggling multiple things at once. The cognitive skills are the main areas of the brain that let us think, read, remember, reason, and pay attention, so improvement in such areas is key for employers looking to better productivity in the workplace.


Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Mindfulness makes perfect sense for dealing with stress and anxiety because it takes you out of fight-or-flight mode and brings you into a relaxed state of mental clarity and calm. By becoming more aware of your thoughts and body, you can better assess and identify your feelings and approach them in a more positive way. Scientifically, Mindfulness practice reduces activity in the stress initiating part of your brain called the amygdala.

Enhance Creativity

Creativity greatly depends on your mental state. Mindfulness helps you to get into a creative frame of mind by combating the negative thoughts that hinder creative thinking and self-expression. The fact that mindfulness focuses on the present helps you to think freely and creatively and allows your mind the space to bounce off ideas.

Increases Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

Mindfulness meditation helps increase emotional intelligence in three major ways: It improves your ability to comprehend your own emotions; It helps you learn how to recognize the emotions of other people around you; It strengthens your ability to govern and control your emotions. It also improves a person’s ability to use their emotions effectively by helping them determine which emotions are beneficial when undertaking certain activities.


Improve Communication

We live in a world full of distractions.  With the constant influx of texts, tweets and IM’s, many of us have lost our ability to actively listen and be present. By incorporating mindfulness into your day, you can retrain yourself to focus on the present moment and truly listen to people with compassion and kindness. Not only does this have a positive impact on the people around you, it makes your day more interesting because you are engaging in active conversations with people and learning about them.


Mindfulness & ROI

Bringing mindfulness to the workplace has the potential to decrease people’s stress and anxiety through heightened awareness, which in turn leads to improved performance. Also, perhaps most importantly from a leadership perspective, mindfulness encourages engagement. Being fully present as a leader— and allowing your team to be fully in the moment — will reap rewards both personally and professionally.


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“The class has helped me to be more aware of my present. To appreciate what we live, and being present is the key… Because finally the present is the only certainty, the rest was and will be an illusion… A pleasure to meet! ”

Student Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

“After the challenge, I felt that my levels of tension and anxiety have decreased. Also, now I have a better quality of sleep.”

Participant in the 21-day Meditation Challenge

“This class has helped me to be calmer and more relaxed. Thanks to Criss, I now try to be present in everything I do and I have the courage to continue meditating.”

Student Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

“Congratulations to all the teachers, they provided us with much relaxation and focus on the true values ​​of life.”

Participant in the 21-day Meditation Challenge

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