Here are some ways Criss can help bring human-centered leadership and wellness to your Latinx team or organization. 

  • Consulting
  • Mindfulness and meditation practices
  • Wellness spaces


    Drawing on Criss’ extensive background in mindfulness studies, coupled with a Master’s Degree from Lesley University, a certification as a facilitator for the esteemed Search Inside Yourself program developed at Google, and a mindfulness mentorship certificate, she and her network bring a wealth of expertise to our consulting services.

    Criss and her collaborators are deeply committed to promoting mindfulness within diverse communities. Through uniquely tailored to blend cutting-edge research with a culturally sensitive and inclusive approach.

    Let us work together to bring mindfulness into your workplace, creating a harmonious and productive environment that resonates with the diverse needs of your team.


    All meditations and mindfulness practices are unique and use the latest research. Here are some examples:

    • Custom scripts
    • Recorded guided meditations
    • Recorded mindfulness practices


    Criss’ clients have approached to bring wellness practices to their workspaces either virtually or in person. Here are some ways that have integrated them:

    • Morning meditations at team events or  conferences
    • Virtual weekly 15-minute or 30-minute guided practices 
    • Mentoring corners at team events and conferences



    Happier employees

    • Places with more mindful leaders had employees with lower levels of emotional exhaustion.
    • Employees reported having better work-life balances, and overall job satisfaction when leaders were more mindful.
    • The well-being of employees can decrease turnover and healthcare costs.

    Improved decision making

    • Research indicates that people with increased mindfulness were able to improve their decision-making without being affected by the time invested in a task.
    • Time management and decisiveness can bring a big impact on an employee’s performance costs for an institution.

    Better focus on tasks

    • Mindfulness increases cognitive skills and attention, making employees better at juggling multiple things at once.
    • This is key for employers and professionals looking to better productivity in the workplace.

    Improve Communication

    • Many of us have lost our ability to actively listen and be present. Mindfulness can retrain you to focus on the present moment and truly listen to people with compassion and kindness.
    • Mindful speaking and listening improve your conversations.

    Enhance Creativity

    • Creativity greatly depends on your mental state. Mindfulness helps you to get into a creative frame of mind by combating the negative thoughts that hinder creative thinking and self-expression.
    • The fact that mindfulness focuses on the present helps you to think freely and creatively and allows your mind the space to bounce off ideas.

    Reduce Stress & Anxiety

    • Mindfulness makes perfect sense for dealing with stress and anxiety because it takes you out of fight-or-flight mode and brings you into a relaxed state of mental clarity and calm.
    • By becoming more aware of your thoughts and body, you can better assess and identify your feelings and approach them in a more positive way.

    Increases Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

    • Mindfulness improves your ability to comprehend your own emotions.
    • Mindfulness helps you learn how to recognize the emotions of other people around you.
    • Mindfulness strengthens your ability to govern and manage your emotions.
    • Mindfulness improves a person’s ability to use their emotions effectively by helping them determine which emotions are beneficial when undertaking certain activities.

    Mindfulness & ROI

    • Bringing mindfulness to the workplace has the potential to decrease people’s stress and anxiety through heightened awareness, which in turn leads to improved performance.
    • From a leadership perspective, mindfulness encourages engagement. Being fully present as a leader— and allowing your team to be fully in the moment — will reap rewards both personally and professionally.

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