Intro to Mindfulness & Meditation

The next class starts in March 2020.


In this class, you will learn, understand and experience various types of meditation. You will also learn about the benefits of meditation to manage stress, anxiety, physical pain, negative emotions and much more. In the process, we will also visit the practice of Mindfulness and its relationship with meditation.

This class is recommended for:

  • People who have never meditated but want to learn
  • People who have a very basic foundation of what meditation is 
  • People who have doubts about their meditation practice
  • Advanced students are also welcome!

Weekly topics

  • Week 1 – Preparation and Concentration
  • Week 2 – Mindfulness and the Body
  • Week 3 – Mindfulness and Emotions
  • Week 4 – Compassion and Authentic Happiness
  • Week 5 – Meditation in everyday life


March 2020


8pm EST

Paula Ledbetter


A practitioner of mindfulness and meditation, Paula Ledbetter leads interactive, engaging, and inspiring classes, workshops, and trainings around the United States. Paula serves as a member of the Design Team for the LeadingAge Illinois Leadership Academy and is the Asst. Vice President of Marketing for Mather LifeWays. She is the recipient of more than 20 awards, including the Platinum level and highest honor from the League of American Communications Professionals. Her focus is on authentic self, mindfulness, creativity, and supporting leaders who want to contribute their talents toward a calling that fully inspires them and the world around them. Paula is currently pursuing her Masters in Mindfulness Studies at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA.

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