Adaptive Resilience

This program is ideal for anyone that is ready to learn tools and practices to work more skillfully with difficult emotions, uncertainty and change, leading to increased performance and well-being.

Latinx professionals and ERGs are encouraged to participate as well!

Adaptive resilience is the ability to recover from adversity, adapt and thrive. It builds the capacity to be productive, resourceful and creative while dealing with changing circumstances or adversity.

This interactive program uses a mindfulness-based approach to build the behaviors, mental habits and practices that promote personal resilience while growing a culture of resilience within teams and organizations. This 3-part series is available for in-person delivery or as a live online training.

Delivered live online via Zoom, in three (3) 90-minute sessions.

Program Overview


Develop Clarity

Managing stress and overwhelm, and staying focused in difficult and uncertain times.

Learning Objectives

  1. Equip yourself and the team with tools for staying calm and working with difficult emotions in the midst of adversity.
  2. Develop the skills for harnessing mental clarity and focus in uncertain and ambiguous times.


Shift Mindsets

Mindsets and skills for adaptability and creativity in the midst of uncertainty and complexity.

Learning Objectives

  1. Grow capacity to adapt in the face of major disruptions in work and life
  2. Broaden perspectives to transition from negativity biases to growth mindsets
  3. Increase creativity and define new possibilities


Build Trust

Creating a change-capable culture by growing empathy and psychological safety in your team and organization.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the role connection can have in building trust.
  2. Grow capacity to exercise empathy and compassion in challenging times.
  3. Understand psychological safety and how to integrate it into your team and organization especially during times of difficulty and massive disruption.


Criss Cuervo

Criss Cuervo


Criss Cuervo’s mission is to is to deliver  mindfulness-based life and work balance tools to people around the globe.  She serves the founder and lead Facilitator at Criss holds a MA in Mindfulness and is a Search Inside Yourself Certified teacher. During her corporate career in the US, she worked for companies such as CBS, Telemundo, Comcast, ESPN, DishLATINO, where she received multiple awards for her leadership, performance and innovation skillsThroughout the year, Criss delivers mindfulness and stress management workshops to companies and organizations around the Globe. Some of her clients include: American Heart Association, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Telemundo, IOS Offices,, Latinas in Tech, and Lideramos. 

In her free time, you can find Criss meditating, reading, or just being with nature. She also loves to walk without a purpose, dance zumba, practice yoga, and play a good tennis match!